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Sustainability Consulting for NEW HOMES


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Building a new custom home?  Let’s put the project on a path to ZERO ENERGY READY. Symbify will help you design, construct, certify, and maintain your new net zero lifestyle in a healthy, high quality, resilient and sustainable home.


Symbify and Kelly Green Raters offer a variety of consulting services to help make dream homes come true. Here is a sample of our services for new builds:


  • Architectural design review for Energy Star New Homes V3.1, Indoor AirPlus, and DOE Zero Energy Ready Home programs; make recommendations as needed to achieve standards;

  • Identify financial incentives to support efficiency upgrades such as federal rebate programs, federal and state tax deductions, and green financing opportunities;

  • Calculate a projected HERS Index Score (energy modeling) based on the plans and specifications;

  • Provide fixture and finish selection parameters to meet or exceed Net Zero Ready standards; review selections for alignment with green building standards;

  • Obtain up to three quotes for solar panels and/or shingles to achieve at or near Net Zero performance;

  • Create a plan for ongoing home performance monitoring.


Option: Review general contractor and trades proposals at a rate of $125/hour.


Option: Provide review of mechanical design documents (Manual D, J, S) – subcontracted to mechanical engineer, cost TBD.

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  • Conduct two DOE Net Zero Ready home inspections, as per certification requirements:

    • Pre-drywall inspection for insulation/air sealing and total duct leakage testing (assuming two duct zones),

    • Final inspection and performance testing, including blower door and other performance tests (i.e. fresh air flow, hot water calcs);

  • Conduct up to 4 additional quality control inspections during foundation and framing, as requested by homeowner.

Option: Additional field inspections as needed at the rate of $125/hour (on site plus travel time).

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  • Complete all final analyses and paperwork to obtain official HERS label and program certificates (Energy Star, IndoorAir Plus, and DOE NetZero);

  • One site visit to monitor pre-occupancy flush;

  • Post-occupancy onsite tutorial on optimizing mechanicals, ventilation and energy use.


Option: Consolidated homeowners manual with automated reminders of equipment and appliance maintenance schedules ($595).

Included in fee above.




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