Sustainability Consulting for Homes

Looking to build a green home, but you don’t know where to begin?

Interested in achieving net zero energy performance on a home renovation project?


Symbi Homes co-owners Nicole Tysvaer and Matt Kulp provide sustainability consulting services to architects, homeowners, and real estate developers interested in applying the principles of green building to their new homes and renovation projects. Symbify Consulting promotes wellness, energy efficiency and technology integration in the residential construction process. We offer practical solutions that enhance the quality, value, and resilience of homes with substantial paybacks over time.


Together with our network of sustainability partners, Symbify can provide the following services:

  • Home energy audits including blower door tests, duct testing, infrared camera analysis, and visual home inspections;

  • Energy modeling of existing homes and proposed new homes;

  • Reviews of architectural documents for alignment with sustainability principles;

  • Third-party green certifications such as LEED for Homes, US DOE Zero Energy Ready, and National Green Building Standard;

  • Identification of renewable energy opportunities;

  • Selection of sustainable materials including wall assemblies, fixtures and finishes;

  • Assistance with green review requirements for permitting, as per local building codes; and

  • Identification of energy-efficiency financial incentive programs through federal, state and local initiatives.


Symbify provides consultation for residential construction projects large and small across the National Capitol Region (DC, MD and VA).


For more information, contact Nicole Tysvaer at

Nicole Tysvaer

“I’m looking forward to the day when there’s no longer a distinction between green and conventional homes. That’s the Symbify goal—build everything in a way that is mutually beneficial for people and planet.”  

-- Nicole Tysvaer

Principal, Symbify LLC


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