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SYMBI [simm-bee]: Short for symbiosis – a mutually beneficial relationship between people and planet. 


SYMBI HOMES, LLC is a residential developer that is reinventing single-family home design and construction with an emphasis on wellness, energy efficiency, and technology.


Key features of a Symbi Homes development include air and water filtration, biophilic designs that connect your home to nature, a highly insulated pre-fabricated shell, certified Net Zero Ready, and ongoing home performance monitoring. 

Building upon the success of three prototypes in VA and MD, SYMBI HOMES is launching a three-year pilot program to complete 20 duplex home transformation projects targeting Sustainable Inner-Suburb Redevelopment (SISR) in the Washington, DC metro area.


Meet The Team

Dr. Nicole Tysvaer, Ph.D., LEED AP 
25+ years of startup experience in for-profit, government, and nonprofit.
VP for Sustainability at Galaxy Homes
John Linam, AIA
VP of Design
25+ experience in residential design in DC, NC and Japan. Masters of Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 
Matt Kulp
VP of Production

32+ years in construction.
Project management expertise.
Building Performance Institute certified.
Founder of Galaxy Homes.

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